On December 16, 2010, I was in a car accident in which I should not have survived. After crossing through an intersection, someone pulled out a driveway, exiting a convenience store, directly in front of me, blocking my path. After swerving and trying to miss the vehicle, I was hit. The individual who pulled out in front of me never stopped, and hit me as I swerved and tried to avoid it. I was then launched into a telephone pole, doing close to 60 miles per hour. The humerus bone in my right body literally exploded from the inside out, creating a butterfly fracture. Due to the nature of the injury, I was care-flown to JPS. After 3 hours, not including insurance, the bills were already at $25,000.

As I continued to receive care, my medical bills were piling up to ridiculous amounts. After a few months I contacted The Naidoo Law Firm for help.  Combining Care Flight, surgeries, doctor visits, not being able to work, losing my car, and much more, the bills were beginning to be incalculable. With the help of Mr. Naidoo, all of these bills were paid in full. There is not a smoother and more rewarding process  other than what was done for me. Mr. Naidoo always kept in contact with me to let me know how things were going. If there were any papers for me to sign, he always explained the situation, and what was going to happen. Almost a year to the day after the accident, I received a settlement of $12,600, on top of all of the bills being paid for. Now I no longer have to worry about my credit being destroyed or repeated attempts of bill collection from multiple medical companies. I recommend Shaun Naidoo to anyone in need of help from a car accident.