About Us

Naidoo Law Firm

The Naidoo Law Firm was started in May 2005 by Attorney Shaun C. Naidoo. For his undergraduate studies, Shaun attended Texas A&M; University at Commerce, and graduated in May 2001. Shortly thereafter, in 2004, Shaun graduated from Texas Wesleyan School of Law with his Juris Doctor degree.

The Naidoo Law Firm started out with Shaun working out of his own home. With the thought of never despising small beginnings, the firm steadily grew from a handful of 2005, to well over 1000 clients to date.

The firm’s staff has always believed that without people, there is no need for an attorney. With that in mind, clients take care of the firm and the firm took care of the clients.

This philosophy has held true, especially when one discovers the growth of the clientele is attributed only to word of mouth and recommendations of current clients. Not one penny earned by the firm has been used for advertising.

Family is at the heart of our practice. We undoubtedly attribute our client’s successes to the support of their families. The same goes for us. Without his family and upbringing, Attorney Shaun Naidoo would have no success. With this fact in mind, we find it absolutely necessary to listen to our client’s problems just like any caring and compassionate family member. During our initial intake process, this quality of full disclosure quickly becomes apparent. We do not believe in even attempting to solve any problems or presenting solutions without first having heard everything from the client. It is not about us. It is about the people we represent. In essence, it is about you.