About Us

Naidoo Law Firm

The Naidoo Law Firm was started in May 2005 by Attorney Shaun C. Naidoo. For his undergraduate studies, Shaun attended Texas A&M University at Commerce, and graduated in May 2001. Shortly thereafter, in 2004, Shaun graduated from Texas Wesleyan School of Law with his Juris Doctor degree.

The Naidoo Law Firm started out with Shaun working out of his own home. With the thought of never despising small beginnings, the firm steadily grew from a handful of 2005, to well over 1000 clients to date.

The firm’s staff has always believed that without people, there is no need for an attorney. With that in mind, clients take care of the firm and the firm took care of the clients.

This philosophy has held true, especially when one discovers the growth of the clientele is attributed only to word of mouth and recommendations of current clients. Not one penny earned by the firm has been used for advertising.

Family is at the heart of our practice. We undoubtedly attribute our client’s successes to the support of their families. The same goes for us. Without his family and upbringing, Attorney Shaun Naidoo would have no success. With this fact in mind, we find it absolutely necessary to listen to our client’s problems just like any caring and compassionate family member. During our initial intake process, this quality of full disclosure quickly becomes apparent. We do not believe in even attempting to solve any problems or presenting solutions without first having heard everything from the client. It is not about us. It is about the people we represent. In essence, it is about you.

  • I worked with The Naidoo Law Firm after my car accident, at which I was not at fault. They made the process of my insurance claims and the medical process so easy that I never had to worry about dealing with insurances which for many people can be a frustrating experience and I never had to worry about bills piling up for my injuries. Also, I was able to always reach Valencia and working with her was a great experience as she showed a great sense of professionalism and urgency to get my claims processed in a timely manner.  The communication was excellent throughout the whole process and I never felt as I was forgotten or had to inquire about anything that I didn’t understand. Thank you Naidoo Law Firm!

    Danish S. 11/6/14

  • My experience with Naidoo Law Firm was great! With what they were given (the other persons insurance was HORRIBLE), I was very happy with what they were able to get me. It was a long 9 months but they got it done and I am so grateful and appreciative to them for helping me with my case. Valencia was great! Even when I just wanted to be done, she explained things to me to where I understood and did not want to stop fighting. I thank her for that.
    Would ABSOLUTELY use them again if I needed to!!!

    Shacondria W. 1/4/18

  • I got rear ended on the highway and my car was completely totaled. It was a tough day to experience since it was my first major accident and I loved my car, but Valencia made the whole experience very care-free for me and my family. She recommended great tips on the whole process, directed me to a good rehab facility, took care of my car, helped me get into a rental, and everything else from there. By the end of the process, I walked away knowing that I was fairly taken care of and was able to buy a brand new car. Thank you Valencia for the awesome service you guys provided!

    Ricky K. 12/29/17